Scope of Engagement

    To facilitate judiciary in reduction of old pending cases.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Preparation of detailed list-To prepare a detailed list of 10 year old pending cases of the district/s.
  • Critical analysis of Pending cases-To assist in conducting critical analysis of pending cases that may help Registrar General / district judges to understand the issues/bottlenecks and discuss solutions with other government departments and subordinate judiciary for early disposal of old pending cases.
  • Coordination with State/District Authorities-To coordinate with State/district authorities for enabling witnesses to come on time or fixed/stipulated time frame for disposal of cases and inform concerned parties.
  • Identification of cases for Lok Adalat- To identify the cases in Pre-Lok adalats to be referred to the Lok adalats on priority basis.
  • Follow –up action-To take necessary action pursuant to orders passed by the High Court/district court in relation of old pending cases i.e. issue notice/summons, stay/injunction, copy of order, inform the arbitrator, local government departments and issue letters to lower courts for summoning the record etc.
  • Miscellaneous-Any other activities related to disposal of 10 year old pending cases OR task assigned by Registrar General/district judge / Secretary DLSA.

Eligibility and Experience

  • Qualification: Graduation in Law from recognized University.
  • Eligibility: Retired Judicial officer/ Retired Executive officer preferably having legal background.
  • The candidate shall be local resident. In cases of non-availability of suitable local candidates, persons from nearby district may be considered.
  • Applicant is to apply for one district otherwise all of his/her application will be rejected.
  • The applicant may also apply for the post of Nyaya Mitra for High Court along with the District Court, if he is residing in the city / district where applying or is ready to reallocate at the said place after the application, where the High Court is located.

Period of Engagement

    The engagement of the Nyaya Mitra shall be from the date of joining upto 31st March 2020. This is fulltime engagement and is purely on contract basis.

Age Limit

    Maximum 63 years as on 01st April 2019

Honorarium and Allowances

  • Monthly Honorarium: Rs. 35000/- month
  • Monthly Allowance: Rs. 5,000/- per month on lump sum basis after self-certification.
  • No other allowances and amount will be paid.

Payment of Honorarium and Other Allowances

    Honorarium can be paid directly in the account of the Nyaya Mitra every month by the Department of Justice after submission of monthly progress report duly verified and signed either by respective Registrar General or Incharge to Nyaya Mitra at High Court/ district judge or Secretary DLSA (wherever the NM will be placed).

Place of Work

  • The sitting space for Nyaya Mitra to be placed at High Court will be allocated by the respective High Court.
  • NM will be provided sitting space either at District Legal Services Authority (DLSA) or District Court as allotted by the respective High Courts/SLSA.
  • Sitting arrangement of the NM may also be provided at ADR Centre of the district if a suitable place is not available within District Court/DLSA.
  • Registrar General High Court / District Judge cum Secretary DLSA will be the controlling officer of the NM and hence the final decision of sitting location will be taken by the respective district judge at district level.
  • No clerical support will be provided to NMs by High Court / District Legal Services Authority (DLSA) or District Court.
  • The Nyaya Mitra shall devote their working hours and attention to the office where they have been engaged and shall not undertake or accept any other paid or unpaid employment or any other engagement.

Monitoring and Reporting

  • Monitoring of the project on the basis of pre-designed indicators, and outputs will be done on a quarterly and yearly basis. Review of program will be conducted through field visits, scrutinizing the reports and data and through consultation and video conferencing with project partners.
  • Reporting of the activities will be done on monthly, quarterly and yearly progress reports in a predesigned format taking into account the above parameters will be submitted to the Department by the team. This will also include a financial statement. For this purpose, an online monitoring and reporting system will be developed.
  • A quarterly meeting of the partners and stakeholders shall be organized to review progress and next steps.
  • Travel to Project states for monitoring and review of project activities will be carried out by the DoJ consultants.
  • Outcomes: NM contributes to disposing off 10% of ten year old pending cases at the district & subordinate courts.
  • Measurable Indicators:(i) Increased number of 10 year old pending cases disposed-off. (ii) Increased no. of meetings, & participated in lok adalats, in which legal assistance is provided by the NM. (iii) Positive feedback from the DLSA and district and high court judges on the performance of the NMs.


    The NM initiative will be evaluated by an external agency every year in coordination/consultation with the respective high courts, district courts and the Department of Justice to assess the impact or for any course correction.

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